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“Dear Yellow Pages, See this big stack of unclaimed telephone books? Nobody wants them. That’s why your stock chart looks like this … Please stop killing trees and get a news business model” As we replace newspapers with applications, we help to reduce the killing of trees, but now there’s an issue of E-Waste. With […]

  Pinterest is an online virtual pinboard. My Pinterest is a collection of what I enjoy. My boards include Alpha Xi Delta, Potter, She’s crafty, funny, home, art, closet, make this, pretty nail and wedding. I started using Pinterest a couple of months ago, but didn’t start using it consistently until more people I know […]

  My first news story for COMM 351 focused on how the iPhone has interrupted countless markets, especially the camera industry. In contrast, I had several photographers tell me that the iPhone will never replace a point-and-shoot camera. They might be wrong. Photojojo has placed a new iPhone camera lens on the market.   The […]

I wasn’t expecting to read about an obituary when I checked Jim Romenesko’s blog. The post, entitled, “The story behind the most bass-ass obit ever,” discussed The Washington Post piece on John Fairfax, and Margalit Fox’s obituary. Obituaries are not an area of journalism I’ve learned about yet, so this item was really interesting. People reacted […]

What came first, the news becoming entertainment, or the public becoming indifferent to news that doesn’t entertain them?

Quotes, key points and reactions from, “Gannett iPhone faq: ‘What am I expected to do with this new device?’” 1.  “iPhone 4S gives us the most flexibility and power to deliver compelling content across platforms.” The key idea that stuck out in this claim is, “across platforms.”  The iPhone 4S caters to sharing information on […]

While scanning Mashable I found the article, “Texts Now Popular Ammo for Divorce Battles.”  This caught my attention because I took journalism law last semester and was curious about the use of text message records in a court of law. According to the article, text messages shared between the feuding spouses are fair game and […]

  Anyone who wants to use their background with social media, and search engine optimization should read the article, “Search Marketers Value Social, Global; Plan to Increase SEM tech Spend in 2012.”  Honestly, some of the language went way over my head, but essentially the article was talking about how companies are expecting to spend […]

I thought this video created a fantastic metaphor for what  SOPA is trying to do to the Internet. The Vlogbrothers channel is powered by Hank and John Green. John is a New York Times best selling author and Hank manages an eco friendly website called,

  “I Really Need You to Read This Article, Okay?”  confronts the shift in the world of journalism from print to online.  Joel Achenbach states upfront that he is not intimited by this change, but wants to reconize this forward motion in the industry in order to better adapt. “Our future is on the Web”  […]

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