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  Pinterest is an online virtual pinboard. My Pinterest is a collection of what I enjoy. My boards include Alpha Xi Delta, Potter, She’s crafty, funny, home, art, closet, make this, pretty nail and wedding. I started using Pinterest a couple of months ago, but didn’t start using it consistently until more people I know […]

Key points We’re all Web workers now There are websites like that can help you organize your life Take advantage of folders and filters on your email accounts Make a to-do list and a done list Critical thinking Instead of being overwhelmed by the Internet, use tools to help you organize and consolidate your […]

  Key points Youtube is the largest platform for amateur video Video perfect is not necessary. The idea is to get the story out. Many news companies are hiring one-man-band journalists who can handle shooting video Critical thinking Video should be a part of every journalist’s skill set. It is not difficult to learn how […]


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Yesterday, I attended a beginner dreamweaver workshop. I learned the difference between HTML and CSS coding. The workshop covered how these two languages create web pages. I’ve never used Dreamweaver before, but I didn’t feel as lost as I did during the flash workshop. We used Dreamweaver’s split screen layout to see how to use […]

View This reminds me of … in a larger map *I could not get the map to sucessfully embed, so the link is provided above.


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On Friday, Colleen and I attended a workshop to learn how to use flash. We’re considering using flash for our Mason dining project. After taking the workshop, it’s clear that we’re going to need to use a website that caters to flash novices. For the workshop, we learned how to set a stage, upload images, re-name […]

  My first news story for COMM 351 focused on how the iPhone has interrupted countless markets, especially the camera industry. In contrast, I had several photographers tell me that the iPhone will never replace a point-and-shoot camera. They might be wrong. Photojojo has placed a new iPhone camera lens on the market.   The […]

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