“Dear Yellow Pages, See this big stack of unclaimed telephone books? Nobody wants them. That’s why your stock chart looks like this … Please stop killing trees and get a news business model”

As we replace newspapers with applications, we help to reduce the killing of trees, but now there’s an issue of E-Waste.

With companies coming out with different models of phones, computers, printers and televisions, consumers often disregard the proper way to dispose of these items and they get thrown into the trash.

Landfills are filling up with electronic devices that contain toxic chemicals that can seep into our water supply.

To learn how to dispose of electronic items correctly and how to reduce E-Waste, visit



Pinterest is an online virtual pinboard. My Pinterest is a collection of what I enjoy. My boards include Alpha Xi Delta, Potter, She’s crafty, funny, home, art, closet, make this, pretty nail and wedding.

I started using Pinterest a couple of months ago, but didn’t start using it consistently until more people I know started using it. I really utlize the, “Pin it” buttom on the top of my web browser.

Key points

We’re all Web workers now
There are websites like that can help you organize your life
Take advantage of folders and filters on your email accounts
Make a to-do list and a done list

Critical thinking

Instead of being overwhelmed by the Internet, use tools to help you organize and consolidate your projects. Putting your life information in the cloud is great because you can access it anywhere where there is Internet access, but be sure to keep in mind where you will be when you need your files.



Key points

  • Youtube is the largest platform for amateur video
  • Video perfect is not necessary. The idea is to get the story out.
  • Many news companies are hiring one-man-band journalists who can handle shooting video

Critical thinking

Video should be a part of every journalist’s skill set. It is not difficult to learn how to take video. It’s useful to learn different story telling techniques. Taking a workshop of shooting and editing video can help a journalist develop a better end product. When arriving on the scene of a story, get reaction clips to help guide your project.





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Yesterday, I attended a beginner dreamweaver workshop. I learned the difference between HTML and CSS coding. The workshop covered how these two languages create web pages. I’ve never used Dreamweaver before, but I didn’t feel as lost as I did during the flash workshop.

We used Dreamweaver’s split screen layout to see how to use HTML and CSS to change the size, color and placement of fonts. We also experimented with the site layout and adding images to the website.

We spent more time with CSS coding since it’s more simplified and is used more often since it’s easier to adjust.

View This reminds me of … in a larger map

*I could not get the map to sucessfully embed, so the link is provided above.

On Friday, Colleen and I attended a workshop to learn how to use flash. We’re considering using flash for our Mason dining project. After taking the workshop, it’s clear that we’re going to need to use a website that caters to flash novices.

For the workshop, we learned how to set a stage, upload images, re-name images, create 3-D images and place our images on a timeline.

This was my attempt at creating a 3-D image

flash fail

Danielle's first flash

It’s a cup of coffee…

Even though my attempt wasn’t the best and the cup was supposed to be brown instead of this nice gradiation of green, I still learned a lot.


My first news story for COMM 351 focused on how the iPhone has interrupted countless markets, especially the camera industry.

In contrast, I had several photographers tell me that the iPhone will never replace a point-and-shoot camera.

They might be wrong.

Photojojo has placed a new iPhone camera lens on the market.

IPhone Lens



The lens is pricey at $249, but the benefits may outweigh the cost for iPhone users.

The lens adds a 0.7x wide-angle, 0.33x fisheye, and a 1.5x telephoto lens to an iPhone 4.

iPhone lens



Photojojo also offers other products that enhance the iPhone’s capabilities, including tripods and other lenses.

Iphoto lens capabilities


As these new technologies improve, they may turn the point-and-shoot camera indurstry into a niche market. Cameras will sit on a dusty shelf, next  to records and newspapers.


ALPHA XI DELTAhow to create a free slideshow

Chapter 6, “Visual Storytelling with Photographs”

Key Points

  • “Photography is all about the moment.”
  • Photography basics should be a part of a journalists skill set
  • Do not abuse Photoshop. Do not compose deceiving photographs
  • Be honest with your subject
  • Edit a copy of a photo – never the original

Critical thinking

Advancements in technology allow everyone to take and share pictures rapidly. The consequence of this is that there may be a decline in the quality and attention to detail when it comes to photos. To prevent this, journalists should learn how to use basic editing software and how to incorporate their photos into their online articles. Experimenting with Photoshop and adding images into a blog is one of the best ways to learn. Check the HTML tab while creating a blog post to see what HTML looks like. See how much you can decipher, you may be surprised at how much you can catch onto intuitively.


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